Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bebedelbanco live schedule

The Big JugS EXperience 23
Oct 26th 18:00 at The Cellar, Osaka
at door: 1000yen (with 2 drinks!!)
The Best monthly in yer face night gig night in Osaka, is back for a party of musical chaos! Line up: royalinserts, Trrican, Pantsu, Bobby, bebedelbanco, DJ TerryKani!2 mins south of the Triangle ParkJust Past Studio vox, Clube Azure etc. opposite Hotel For You., Amemura, Shinsaibashi, Osaka

The Cellar http://thecellar.web.fc2.com

the Incredible 7th VAATican SAMPler ! ! !

VaatO72mp ==> VAATICAN RECORDS - " Sampler "
- 18 free MP3 tracks - Sept 2008 -
0O1.Just A Dream by RAPPEUR QUALITé PRIX ...5'34" 0O2.Mon Rigoureux Tourment by EXTEENAGER ...3'44" 0O3.Pope : Under The Dry Moon by SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP ...2'44" 0O4.Cyanide Break Child by PETER PERCEPT ...2'O8" 0O5.Some Kind Of Miracle by N.D.Monroe & IAN BRENO ...3'O5" 0O6.Cat's Paw by KAMIKAZE DEADBOY ...2'39"0O7.Rap Musik Cultshop Tradition by CHLOROPHYLL FLUXBUNNY ...2'49" 0O8.Anne by LE POTENTIEL D'ACTION ...4'16" 0O9.Strange Bird by COPPERHEAD ...2'56" 01O.Punusunuc by REMIX BY UGH ...3'27" 011.Smell This Pic by QEBRUS ...4'1O" 012.Incubate Klippimynd by COPPERHEAD ...3'25" 013.Dddfffixxx by BESTSELLER ...4'49" 014.Comptine Aléatoire by QEBRUS ...3'32"015.Tumbleweed by COBRA ( Avec Logo Panthère) ...6'2O" 016.Ballab by LONGAMAGAM & IAN BRENO ...3'O8"

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dag Shen Ma - Karafuto Buda ep

Dag Shen Ma - Karafuto Buda ep(neji-102)

Dag Shen Ma came back to neji with 6 track EP.He is the best cook that dishes up passing Tibet and Ainu's song on the plate of electronic hip hop without reservation.

1 Karafuto work
2 Buda Park
3 Simon saids
4 frioso
5 Giant universe
6 Touch gold

produced by Eitaro Higuchi
neji-cdr102, nunulaxnulan 2008

Dag Shen Ma myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dagshenma


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BSE - Baseball Sound Experiment

BSE - Baseball Sound Experiment (neji-101)

Baseball music by interested person in baseball. Produced by Klanqschaft, ugh (satanicpornocultshop), Frosen Pine (satanicpornocultshop), DJ Seetake and DJ Es (Sovyetskiy Brezhnev).

01. Gutch (ugh - frosen pine)
02. Doom Disco (es as Sovyetskiy Brezhnev)
03. Pal at Poptown (seetake)
04. Take me out to the ball game (es as Sovyetskiy Brezhnev)
05. Throwaway Match (frosen pine - ugh)
06. Doom Blues (es as Sovyetskiy Brezhnev)
07. Kettai Na Yomehan (seetake)
08. Deadball (ugh)
09. Pitcha (klanq schaft)
10. Take me out to the ball game, reprise (es as Sovyetskiy Brezhnev)

produced by Klanqschaft, ugh, Frosen Pine, DJ Seetake & DJ Es
neji-cdr101, nunulaxnulan 2008


VA - The Night of Nu NuLAX NuLAN

VA - The Night of Nu NuLAX NuLAN (neji-100)

Compilation album that consolidated present of Nu NuLAX NuLAN. Includes all new tracks by Dag Shen Ma, orionza, Satanicpornocultshop, Frosen Pine, DJ Seetake, Klanq Schaft and more...!
01. Dag Shen Ma - Buda Park
02. bebedelbanco - Ripples
03. Frosen Pine - Ossan-Gaijin
04. Astroid - Dazzling The Future (Edit)
05. Franz Eto - Election Day
06. boysonic - yasushi on my mind
07. DJ Furusichof - Toutaikai
08. Frosen Pine - Peeping Boogie (Friday Night, remix by ugh)
09. Asougi - crystal dice
10. MC Chidoriashi feat. orionza - noenemy drunkelection mix
11. Seetake - Koi no furi furi (EDIT)
12. orionza - The Ballad of Hamigaki, remix by ugh
13. orionza - Bitches Brew ~ Boxfreshteenageprintclub (Live)
14. Satanicpornocultshop - Mendokusai
15. es - Jikanyo Tomare
16. Klanq Schaft - The Night of Nu NuLAX NuLAN

compiled by Klanq Schaft, ugh
neji-cdr100, nunulaxnulan 2008