Monday, March 30, 2009

New Adventures & Remixes of VERNON LENOIR

As its first double album, ProOt Records presents:
New Adventures of Vernon LeNoir

After 2 years of silence, Vernon LeNoir returns with a new album. Inspired by intense meditation in the Prometheus monastery in the caucasian mountains, a pilgrimage along the paths of St. George and a shaman ritual in Siberia he returns with the concept of faith : defined in syncopatic chants, transcribed to western notation and substituted by fragments of popular music. Because in early Coptic churches each breath represents an adventure of the soul - here come the "New Adventures Of Vernon LeNoir".


New Remixes of Vernon LeNoir

But there is more : alongside LeNoir's new album, there is an extra EP with remixes by artists he adores and worships every second and who, with their music, bring joy into our lives just like Prometheus brought fire to man. These Artists are : Ergo Phizmiz - Okapi - Tep - End. - Satanicpornocultshop - Thiaz Itch.

All tracks and artwork by Vernon LeNoir
Mastering by Thiaz Itch


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Dag Shen Ma released split ep with Long Magam from Vaatican Records, France.

Dagshenma + Longamagam "Split"
9 free MP3 tracks - Novbre 2oO8

O1. Intro by DAGSHENMA ..1.OO
O2. Drowning by LONGAMAGAM ..3.12
O3. Karafutowork by DAGSHENMA ..4.OO
O4. PesDef by LONGAMAGAM ..3.5O
O5. Buda-park by DAGSHENMA ..3.42
O6. Frugue Layers by LONGAMAGAM ..2.26
O7. Until by DAGSHENMA ..3.3O
O8. Areare by LONGAMAGAM ..2.31
O9. Littlewing by DAGSHENMA ..3.2O
Artwork by Mathieu Desjardins


Vaatican Records
Dag Shen Ma myspace

Sunday, March 15, 2009

nununun nugnt3

*2009.4.26 (sun) 18:00-
*at der Kiten, Kobe
*djs: yasuko, *es, orionza, klanqschaft, seetake, ugh, wubqun