Monday, January 15, 2007

orionza performs in "Live!!! Osaka Romance Out"

The event for the compilation album "Osaka Romance Out" will be held on Feb.. orionza and some other artists included on the album will appear in this showcase.
This time orionza is going to feature Elena Lange (
Small Town Girls) from Germany. Currently, she also joins recording sessions of orionza. Don't miss it.

Feb. 4th. 2007 open 15:30 / start 16:00 / chage 2,000yen
Jaz'room nu things (Osaka, Japan)
[live acts] Aska Temple / Contrary Parade / Kaizokuhousou 91.5 / orionza (feat. Elena) / shiba in car / Tsukigime / WEDNESDAY_EVE
[DJ & VJ] Ikaou & Gomeo (from NewYork)