Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby, there is good news today

Bebe del Banco participated in the new project "52 short weeks"of Pepper Mill Records, Canada.VANCOUVER, Canada (AP)After thirteen grueling and fun-filled weeks, Winter ran it's course and another Peppermill classic was born.52 Short Weeks began on the 21st of December with an offering from The Bran Flakes, to much fanfare and implied controversy, and ended on the 21st of March with Bebe Del Banco, having won over literally billions of indie music fans worldwide.
As downloaders eagerly anticipate the release of the properly mixed version of the Winter set, they have a new season to embrace with the forthcoming opener from Montag, who lovingly embraces the task to which he was assigned, which is helping shape destiny, one short week at a time. Music fans all over the globe salute these brave souls.