Monday, January 15, 2007

orionza performs in "Live!!! Osaka Romance Out"

The event for the compilation album "Osaka Romance Out" will be held on Feb.. orionza and some other artists included on the album will appear in this showcase.
This time orionza is going to feature Elena Lange (
Small Town Girls) from Germany. Currently, she also joins recording sessions of orionza. Don't miss it.

Feb. 4th. 2007 open 15:30 / start 16:00 / chage 2,000yen
Jaz'room nu things (Osaka, Japan)
[live acts] Aska Temple / Contrary Parade / Kaizokuhousou 91.5 / orionza (feat. Elena) / shiba in car / Tsukigime / WEDNESDAY_EVE
[DJ & VJ] Ikaou & Gomeo (from NewYork)

Friday, January 12, 2007

52 short weeks - Pepper Mill Records, Canada

Satanicpornocultshop participated in the new project "52 short weeks"of Pepper Mill Records, Canada.

52 short weeks - Pepper Mill Records, Canada:
"Last winter we did 30 artists in 30 days... now we're going to do 52 artists in 52 weeks, divided up into four parts. Those of course being Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
The first artist will start on the 21st of December, the first day of Winter which also happens to be the Solstice. They'll rip a headline out of that week's news as the title to their 2-3 minute song and then have 7 days to complete it before they pass their creation on to the next artist, who will continue where they left off.
We have some amazing musicians lined up to take part. The lineup will be chosen from week to week, depending on availibility and also on what sounds interesting style-wise. If anyone reading this would love to take a kick at the can, they're welcome to send us stuff to check out and throw their name in the hat.
Every week for an entire year we'll add another piece to this puzzle, all available for your listening pleasure, so check back often."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Mash Up - Resonance FM, London

"The Mash Up" by Joel Cahen
Resonance 104.4fm (London)
17th January 2007 Wednsday 1pm
guest: Satanicpornocultshop

What happens when you play different genred music together at the same time....Spax and guests in the studio - live mash ups / prerecorded - indiscriminate of genre or trend - using every soundsource at hand - no playlist - Feat. Satanicpornocultshop

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Satanicpornocultshop ".aiff Skull EP"

Satanicpornocultshop's new ep ".aiff Skull EP" released from Vivo Records (pl).

"21 tracks, 62 minutes of fascinating sounds by one of the most important bands of the Japanese experimental music scene. Check your musical sensitivity and... have good fun!" - Vivo Records.
(Vivo Records) vivo2006025CD

- Absolut over-the-top-gesplatterte Schlager- unnd HipHop-Mélange aus Japan. Alles strömt unerwartet unnd urplötzlich aus den Startlöchern (Duran Duran auf Neubauten, Coverversionen der Brüller 'Porque Te Vas' und 'Dreams' aus La Boum etc.), bleibt allerdings in seiner Hektik oft nur angedeutet und zelebriert in der nächsten Sekunde des Bruch mit der heilen Schlagerwelt. Seltsamerweise singen die Japaner auch selbst, gerne 1930er Loungeschnickschnack oder 'nen ausgeklügelten Rap auf Japanisch (oder doch Fantasiegeblubber?). Aber auch hier kann niemand wissen, ob vielleicht das kurze, laut quietschend Geräuschmassaker den nächsten Satz ankündigt oder zum Ende aufruft. Ein unterhaltsamer und humorvoller Quell gutwillig vertrackter Songscherben und verkurbelter Lieder, hier und da zu aufdringlich und überproduziert, im Ganzen aber bunt und bescheuert geil wie TV beim Dauerskippen.ed **** / De:Bug 03/07}

- Satanicpornocultshop are sound terrorist stealing and borrowing from all sorts of pop music and easy listening cheese, then avant-garde regurgitating it into a muddled mess. Some of this does have enjoyable and clever elements, but more often than it feels a little too madcap for it's own good and it's akin to being stuck in a room with hundreds of pop music channels all playing at the same time. Most songs have cheesy oriental vocals, like a disturbed and surreal version of J-pop, with electronics and samples including 50s TV ads and 80s pop piled on top, with rare listenable moments arising when they slow the pace down and etch out so-bad- they're- good easy listening pop parodies. This calls itself an EP but drags out it's insanity for over an hour, by which point the listener will either throw it out the nearest window or find him/herself blabbering away in a corner like a lunatic. Roger Batty (ROCK-A-ROLLA, UK)

- Lively, fun and choppy collection of tracks from Satanicpornocultshop. I actually wasn't expecting it to be this perky and you get a real sense of how much fun it was to make. In short bursts it's endlessly engaging and features such a wide range of samples, from Herbert-esque cut up beats and jerkiness through to potty electronic Pop and even some extremely abstract sounds that work their way into your head. Listened to repeatedly I imagine it would kind of lose some of its appeal, but, as I say, go back to it regularly for small chunks and I reckon you'll rather enjoy it. (

- (...) Satanicpornocultshop plays sampler music. In the band, three people play turntables, but there is also a female singer, electronics, indian pipe, organ, keyboards and drums. The music is too wild to even start a description, but we'll try. They play a super eclectic mixture of reggae, turntablism, easy tune, hip hop, techno and plunderphonics - and then I probably forget one or more styles. Lisa's voice is sweet and summer like and is the real gem of the band. It brings them closer to popmusic. The very same popmusic which they freely plunder to death. Again I'm not too well-informed about all the Shakira Spears of this world, but sometimes there is even some tune that this old cat recognizes (you can't touch this). A very nice collection of very uplifting music that leaves the listener behind with a big smile on his face. (FdW) (VITAL WEEKLY )

Tracklisting on Vivo records


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Christmas 2007

Happy Christmas for everytime and every-nature. There are a lot of people who were born at Christmas. I think Christmas isn't a festival for a specific sect. It's a message to exceed the borderline - some kind of religion or humasn race. I greet "Happy Christmas" though I 'm not a Christian. Good-looking like John and Yoko, is'nt it?

Anyway, let me introduces "myspace" of the artists of nunulaxnulan, today. Hope you enjoy their music or profile. Any artist releases new album from nunulaxnulan this year. Please don't forget their names. Thank you.



Dag Shen Ma/Higuchi Eitaro

MC Frosen Pine