Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dao De Noize - Japanese Stories

Dao De Noize - Japanese Stories (neji-116)
Ukrainian Noise/Ambient/Drone/Experimental/Collages/Ethno project from Kharkov.

2.Japan story 1 - Kitanoize
3.Japan story 2 - The First Night Noize
4.Japan story 3 - The Third Night Noize
5.Japan story 4 - The Fifth Night Noize
6.Japan story 5 - The Seventh Night Noize
8.Japan story 2 - Akumadaikon Night Noize
9.Japan story 4 - Dag Shen Ma Night Noize

Order: nunulaxnulan

Album includes japanese 4 stories by Natsume Soseki (The First Night: Love Conquers Death, The Third Night: A Story of A Vengeful Ghost,The Fifth Night: A Love Story from the Age of the Samurai, The Seventh Night: A Tale of Alienation, Despair and Suicide) Dedicated to Japan. Dao De Noize is Artem Pismenetskii (noise,soul,effects) noise/harsh ambient/drone/experimental/collages

Contacts: Ukraine, Kharkov