Saturday, May 14, 2011

Harpoon Forever "Maya Angelou EP" release

Harpoon Forever "Maya Angelou EP"

1) Maya Angelou, original version by Harpoon Forever

2) Maya Angelou,

New Jersey Magical Tax-Free Supermarket Tour Mix by orionza

3) Summer Vacation, original version by Harpoon Forever

4) Summer Vacation, remix by Hotentot Apron

5) Summer Vacation, cover by Satanicpornocultshop

produced by Harpoon Forever

1) additional remix production by orionza

4) additional remix production by Hotentot Apron

neji-cdr117, nunulaxnulan 2011

Harpoon Forever
is a rock'n'roll band from Rutherford, New Jersey, which started playing around the Summer of 2010. The group is made up of Alex Goldstein on guitar and vocals, Danny Arakaki on bass, Tom Malach on guitar, and Derek Spaldo on drums and vocals. The band makes groovy, melodic songs, but isn't afraid to stretch out the parameters of the tunes into different territories. The group has released several singles online, as well as a cover of Guided By Voices' "Awful Bliss" on the "Guided By Guided By Voices" tribute compilation.