Friday, November 11, 2011

Plapla Pinky on Yoru no Nunulaxnulan!!!

November 13, "Yoru no Nu NuLAX NuLAN" 30th Broadcasting on Radio 23. Plapla Pinky Live from Club Metro!! + Itw, max/msp lecture with Dag Shen Ma!

You can listen to Radio 23 from all over the world through internet: with iTunes, Real Player, WMP and etc.. Check this out.

"Yoru No Nu NuLAX NuLAN”
@Radio 23 (NewYork, USA)
Broadcasting cycle: Once a month

The 30th broadcasting
November 13th
Osaka 14:00-15:00
Paris 6:00-7:00
New York 0:00PM -1:00AM

...and you can listen to wherever you are!

...and you can listen to wherever you are!