Sunday, May 06, 2007

bebedelbanco 1st Album "Kaikai" (neji-94)

"bebedelbanco", a chopstick crust core band formed by Ugh, Frosen Pine, DJ Sogawa (ex. es) of Satanicpornocultshop and Taiki (TIKE), Comzo, SANgNAM of orionza releases their 1st album called "KaiKai" (neji-94) on May 11th 2007 (the day of chopsticks), contains 24 songs and more with a pair of wooden chopsticks as a supplement.

"Kaikai" is a word of their original. The circumstances of today in Japan, the large number of population of age around 60 had retired in this year. They are so called "dankai" means a chunk, "a huge chunk" in actual. But "kai" also means "breaking up" in another Chinese character. That means bebedelbanco says goodbye to the huge old generation and brings a new style of loud rock: breaking up the chunk. In this album they shows that you cannot say a wall of loud guitars and drums are not necessary for loud rock, hardcore etc. anymore. Sounds like chopsticks which are not a piece like spoon and so flexible to lift the foods. (Ichikawa, Iml)

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