Thursday, May 24, 2007

remix by ugh - "remix by ugh"

Attention, Vaatican Records (fr) releases new ep "remix by ugh" - 5 tracks on a mini CD-R - Mai 2oo7. "remix by ugh" is solo project by ugh of satanicpornocultshop. Up to now, it has released two albums from neji and several compilations. This ep compiled 5 tracks best sellection from past release. Enjoy it !

remix by ugh - "remix by ugh" (Vaat030ep)
01. 1.2.Check it out (master) ....3'5O
02. Kimigayo (remix by ugh) ....3'57
03. Marilyn Manson No Return ....4'O4
04. Punusunuc ....3'27
05. Your Nishikawa is not my Yamashita ....4'25

Everything remixed by ugh
Artwork by 4ndr345 M4RCH4L